Political Lookalikes

Political Celebrity Impersonators can spice up any boring board meeting or corporate event. Make sure to look through our main Lookalike page to see all categories.  See all Lookalike videos here

See our fantastic Political lookalikes in action!

Dick Cheney

Donald Trump-(Canada)

Barak Obama 1 (LA)

Barak & Michelle Obama 2

Barak & Michelle Obama 3

Barak Obama 3 (NY)

Barak Obama 4 (SF)

Barak Obama 5

Michelle Obama

Ben Franklin

Bill Clinton with George W

Bill Clinton (NY)

Dick Cheney

George W & Laura Bush (FL)

George Bush 2

George Bush 3

Hillary Clinton

Kim Jong Hu

Megan Markle

Mike Pence

Prince William

Prince William & Kate

Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry

Pope Francis

Richard Nixon

Ronald Regan

Sarah Palin 1

Sarah Palin 2

Sarah Palin3

Sarah Palin & Hillary

The Pope

Theodore Roosevelt

Winston Churchill


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