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LED Light Entertainment

Take a peek at our beautiful LED Light Up Strolling Entertainment

Choose from Atmosphere Floating Angels to Super Hot Hip Hop LED Costumed Dancers, LED Drummers and Drum shows, LED Hoop performers, LED Strolling Tables and Strolling Skirts, LED Candy Girls with Light Up Costumes and Trays, LED Showgirls, and our very own Travelin Trays serving LED Trays that can hold up to 25 pounds.

LED Strolling Tables &  Skirts

LED Strolling Human Tables are Custom created and Designed by Tribute Productions featuring beautiful LED light shows that can change colors upon remote control and designed to match your party or brand. Lights can stay set to one color or flash with blinking or twinkling light shows. A beautiful breath taking experience for all. Choose a Theme with beautiful linens to match or choose clean sleek LED light panels, or combine both for a really exciting theme experience all LED fantastic. See more Strolling Tables and Strolling Skirts here

LED Life Size Champagne Glass

LED Life Size Champagne Glass with Showgirl inside to pour bubbly or just post for photos with guests. Champagne Glass can be set to stay on one color (white, or any solid color). Our Models can also be costumed in any of our beautiful LED Costumes.

Guests love getting a photo op with this magnificent visual treat.


See more of our Life Size Champagne Glass here

LED Traveling Trays
Now available Bella's Travelin Trays with LED flashing lights.

Choose the color and mode. We offer beautiful light shows with blinking, bright LED light shows. Choose multi color light shows, solid lighting or elegant white lights.

Travelin Trays are approx. 39" wide and can hold light snacks or chocolates and desserts. Choose from our Male or Female performers with any Custom Design Costumes to match your Event, Wedding or Party. See more Travelin Trays here

LED Custom Candy Girls

World Famous Cigarette Girls Mrs. Bella's Dolls now LED available!

Get the same high end Candy Girls/Cigarette Girls experience you've come to know and love with Bella's Dolls now with the LED experience. Light up Cigarette Girl Trays, Light Up Showgirl head-pieces, Light Up Custom Costuming and LED Light Up Cigarette Girl Trays. Ask us to Brand your name in lights on our LED Custom Trays. Nothing wil give that WOW factor like our LED Bella's Dolls! See more Cigarette Girls and Candy Girls here

LED Hoops, Dancers & Drummers

LED Stage performances with LED Hoops. World renown fire performer, contact juggler (crystal ball manipulator), character performer, prop manipulator and multi-hooper mastering and combining the skill of Native American hoop dance and modern hoop technique.

Led Drum & percussion shows featuring LED drumlines

LED Giant Snow Globes

LED Stage performances with LED Hoops. World Giant Snow Globes, Orbs & Spheres are perfect for Holiday, Christmas, Weddings and give a beautiful, magical visual experience.

Characters inside the globe can be requested to match your Event or Theme. Choose from Ballerina, Angel, LED Dancer, Movie Star and more! Or tell us your needs and we will create a Giant Snow Globe experience just for you!

LED Fairies & Angels

LED airies & Angels will make for a magical entrance for Mitzvah or wedding entrances,

Perfect for weddings, Holiday, Mitzvah

Let our Fairies and Angels perform choreographed dance numbers or just help someone special into an entrance

LED Baton Dance Shows

LED dance  and baton trick performances with LED Baton performers.

Solo performances can be performed on stage  or as atmospheric performances.

LED Stage Shows LED Robots, LED Fairies, LED Angels,  LED Dancers & Dance Shows, LED Showgirls, LED Candy Girls, LED Life Size Champagne Glass, LED Serving Trays, LED Travelin Trays, LED Strolling Cage Skirts, LED Strolling Tables, LED Brand Ambassador Models, LED Walk Around Characters, LED Hoop Performances

LED Drum Shows, LED Drummers, LED Go-Go Dancers, LED Strolling Characters, LED Atmosphere


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