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Lookalikes Movie Theme

Choose from our hundreds of amazing Professional Celebrity Lookalikes for your next "Movie Theme" Event Need a character you don't see listed? Ask Bella to find them for you. Make sure you see our Main lookalike page to see all lookalike talents available.

See all Lookalike videos here

see our movie theme celebrity lookalike characters

Alice in Wonderland

A League of their Own

Austin Powers

Austin Powers (Vegas)


Bat Man | Action Stars

Barb Wire

Beverly Hillbillies

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Chicago (The Movie)

Dr. Evil

Edward Scissor Hands

Frankie & Annette 1

Frankie & Annette 2


Hair Spray

Indiana Jones Show

Kill Bill

Legally Blonde

Pulp Fiction

Pirates of the Caribbean

Capt Jack Sparrow 1

Capt Jack Sparrow 2

Capt Jack Sparrow 3

Capt Jack Sparrow 4

Capt Jack Sparrow 5

Ray (Charles)


Oceans 11

Phantom of the Opera

Sat. Night Fever

Sex And The City

Star Wars Show

Sweeny Todd

The Twilight Zone

The Lone Ranger

The Way we Were

The Wizard of Oz


Tomb Raider

Top Gun

Viva Las Vegas

Wayne's World

Willie Wonka 1

Willie Wonka2

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