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Paparazzi Actors

When booking your Paparazzi with Tribute, we can guarantee the highest quality performers around. Our actors have years of professional experience and are THE BEST in the business. All Performers come in Authentic costumes with real flashing cameras! Choose from 1920's - present day looks- we do them all!
​Make sure your paparazzi are BELLA'S CREW to ensure quality entertainment.

Place your order to have  our Newsboy/Girl to hand out custom newspapers with custom  headline news details about bride/groom , Event, or birthday person.  Let our Newsies highlight your Special Guests. An all time guest favorite!

Classic  Paparazzi

Reporters & Bellhops

Joan Rivers with Paparazzi

1920's Reporters & Newsies

TMZ Paparazzi

At the Dolby Theater

We also have a 50 ft Red Carpet avail for bookings

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