Legend's Style Shows

legends concerts

from past icons to today's singing artists

Let us bring the magic of Hollywood Legends Style Shows to your next Event!

​Just like the live shows you may have seen in Las Vegas, Tribute Productions can customize the perfect Legends Style live show to you. Choose from our endless list of Talents available.

​Customize your Shows with our

 back-up Singers and Dancers and Band.

Legend's in Concert Style Shows

Choose from our long list of music Icons from the past or today's hottest recording artists.

Legend style shows featuring the best in the impersonator industry

Choose live bands or pre-tracked shows lasting any where from 15 minutes to up to one full hour.

Full Legend Icons Casts featuring  Frank Sinatra, Barbora Streisand, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond, David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Reba, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Cher, Elvis, Gloria Estfan, and comedy Legends like Robin Williams. You can customise your Legends show and let us do the rest. Add our professional back-up dancers for a fuller more exciting show and performance.

Las Vegas Legends with Dancers & Band

Add Dancers, and Orchestra

Comedy & Tribute to Legends

Hollywood Legends Style Shows & performers

Icons, orchestra  and showgirls


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