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Lookalikes Specialty & Unique

We have hard to find Celebrity lookalike characters and can do custom casting services of hard to find lookalike talent. Make sure to see our Main lookalike pages to see all lookalike talents. See all Lookalike videos here

See our unique & specialty lookalikes

David Beckham (UK)

Don Rickles

Game of Thrones Lookalikes

Albert Einstein

Bill Gates

Chris Farley (Chicago)

Elvira (NY)

Howard Stern (Vegas)

Hulk Hogan

Kramer (SD)

Lily Tomlin as "Ernestine"

Mary Catherine

MiMi - Drew Carrey

Michael Moore

Mr. Bean (UK)

Mr T (Vegas)

Mr. T (Phoenix)

Ozzy & Sharon Osborne 1

Ozzy & Sharon 2

Paul Gasol

Phil Donahue

Peter Sellers as "The Pink Panther"

Sex in the City Lookalikes

Shirley Temple

Ted Coppell

The Robert Palmer Girls

"Dog" the Bounty Hunter

Tiger Woods 1

Tiger Woods 3 (FL)

Vanna White


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