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Lookalike Videos

Tribute Productions is one of the most respected resources when it comes to Booking
Celebrity Lookalikes and Impersonators. Why not book with an Agency you can trust, to give you the best and most professional Talent available WORLDWIDE!
We can get you any Top name Artist and Impersonator working in the business

~Need Creative Ideas? Just ask Bella ~

Young Hollywood , Classic or Specialty ,

we can find what you are looking for!

see videos of all of our lookalike talents

If you don't see a video of the celebrity lookalike you are looking to watch- please email us so we can get you the videos links of desired talents-

Sylvester Stallone Lookalike

Robin Williams Lookalike

Jack Nicholson Impersonator
Robert De Niro Impersonator
Oprah  Impersonator # 1
Leo Dicaprio Impersonator
"FRIENDS" Impersonators

David Bowie Impersonator

Laura Croft  Impersonator
Joan & friends Red Carpet with Tribute
Snoop  Impersonator
Bruno Mars  Impersonator

Celine Dion Impersonator

Frank Sinatra Impersonator

Christina Augilerra Impersonator

Madonna Impersonator

Rosie O'Donnell Impersonator
Sean Connery Lookalike

Michael Jackson Impersonator

George Clooney Impersonator
Julia & Richard Lookalikes
Jlo Lookalike

Marilyn Monroe Impersonator #2

Jason Staham Lookalike
Gene Simmons Lookalike

John Travolta & Samuel L. Jackson Impersonators

Lucille Ball Impersonator

David Letterman Impersonator
Lisa Kudrow  Impersonator

Hollywood Icons -  Impersonators

Samuel Jackson Impersonator

Brad & Angelina

Sophia Loren

Britney- Madonna

Gaga # 3 featuring Bella's Dancin Dolls

Gloria Estefan Impersonator

Bono Impersonator

Ricky Martin Impersonator

Tina Turner Impersonator

Elton John Impersonator

John Wick

Hugh Jackman-Wolverine

Cher Impersonator # 2

Samuel Jackson Impersonator

Johnny Depp Lookalike

Angelina Jolie Lookalike

Young Elvis

Robin Thick featuring Bella's Dancin Dolls

See more of our amazing celebrity impersonator videos here on our You Tube channel

We can get you any Impersonator video upon request

We are the leaders in all things Celebrity Lookalike & Impersonation since 1985



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