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Did you know,

Tribute Productions is one of the most respected resources, when it comes to booking Celebrity Lookalikes & Impersonators.

​Why not book with an agency you can trust,

to give you the best, and most professional talent available WORLDWIDE!

We can get you any top name artist and impersonator working in the business,

Need Creative Ideas?

Just ask Bella !

Young Hollywood or Classic or Specialty, we can find what you are looking for!

Celebrity Lookalikes & Celebrity Impersonators

When you book  one of our amazing Celebrity Impersonators

you will GET the Talent you have Requested ~
Not all Agencies can promise that!​

To help ensure Top Quality Talent for your Special Entertainment needs, Bella has access to every Top Impersonator currently working in the industry today,

and can help with ideas, suggestions, and get you the best quotes within 24 hours.

She WORKS in the field and is involved in the community of Talents and Event Producers alike,

so you KNOW you are getting someone with "hands on" experience and knowledge of  the industry's best Talents available.

Lookalikes & Impersonators Showcase

{ Unless indicated, Lookalike Talent are located in the Los Angeles area. }

You have to see it to believe it!

Our celebrity lookalikes are just that good!

Tribute Productions has been booking Celebrity Impersonators and Lookalikes for more than 30 years now,

 managed by Bella Vlasis, award winning author of 2 Celebrity Lookalike HOW TO books and someone who worked IN the celebrity impersonator industry as Madonna's Hollywood double for 25 years.


When it comes to lookalikes and impersonators of the rich and famous, you want not just the best,

but also the most professional talent available! Tribute Productions is the most respected name in the business.

We can get you any top actor, singer or any celebrity impersonator, whether you want a Classic or a Young Hollywood star.


With Bella and Tribute Production, you'll benefit from “hands-on” experience,

as she herself worked as Madonna's Hollywood Double and she continues to groom talent.

As a result, by booking with Tribute Production, you'll gain access not only to a huge pool of talent,

but also to the top lookalikes and impersonators currently working the industry.

In addition, we'll help with any guidance, suggestions or ideas to make sure you get the best talent for your entertainment needs! 


From celebrity actors and actresses to politicians, specialty and music talent, we have the most incredible impersonators and celebrity lookalikes.

Leading expert in the Lookalike Industry, Bella can deliver all of the top working Lookalikes & Impersonators in the industry today.

Lookalike Agent & Expert
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Lookalike Agent
& Author 'Bella'
Lookalike Agent & Expert
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