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Rockin Women Celebrity lookalikes available for live performances, solo shows, meet & greet and personal appearances. Make sure to see our Main lookalike pages for all categories.   See all Lookalike videos here

check out our rockin female musicians

Aretha Franklin

Andrew Sisters

Amy Winehouse

Barbara Streisand (Vegas)

Bette Midler



Britney Spears 1

Britney Spears 2 (Vegas)

Britney Spears 3 (UK)

Britney Spears 4 (Louisiana)

Britney Spears 4

Cardi B- FL

Christina Aguilera

Cindy Lauper

Cher 1

Cher 2

Cher 3 (Vegas)

Cher 4 (Jersey)

Cher 5 (Louisianan)

Cher 5 (San Diego)

Diana Ross (UK)

Dolly Parton

Donna Summer (Vegas)

Donna Summer 2

Ella Fitzgerald

Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)

Fergie 2

Gloria Estefan (Vegas)

Gwen Stefani 1

Gwen Stefani 2 (Vegas)

Hanna Montana

Janet Jackson 1

Janet Jackson 2

Jennifer Lopez

Jlo2 (FL)

Judy Garland

Katy Perry 1 

Katy Perry 2

Lady Gaga 1

Lady Gaga 2

Lady Gaga 3

Lady Gaga 4
Lady Gaga 5
Lady Gaga 6-(Vegas)

Liza Minelli 1

Liza Minelli 2

Liza Minelli 3

Madonna 1

Madonna 2

Madonna 3

Madonna 4 (Chic)

Madonna 5 (UK)

Madonna 6

Madonna 7

Mariah Carrey 1

Mariah Carrey (FL)

Mary J

Miley Cyrus

Natalie Cole

Nicky Minaj

Patsy Cline

Posh Beckham (UK)


Taylor Swift

The Black-Eyed Peas

Tina Turner1

Tina Turner 2

Tina Turner 3

Tina Turner 4

Tina Turner 5

Toni Braxton

Shakira 1 (Vegas)

Shakira 2

Stevie Nicks 1

Stevie Nicks 2

Whitney Houston

Queen Latifah

Yoko Ono


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